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Directorate of Governance and Legal Services


Part 1: Preliminary ItemsPaper 
1. Welcome and apologies N/A

2. 16 February 2017 Council meeting

  • Non-confidential minutes
  • Confidential minutes
QM2016-51 [PDF 430KB]
3. Matters arising and Chairman's actions QM2016-52

4. Chairman's opening remarks

  • Election of the next Chairman of Council

Oral report


5. President and Principal's report, including Life Sciences - latest position  QM2016-54
6. President's report [QMSU], including electoral officer's report



Part 2: Performance Review  
7. Vice-Principal's Report: Researcj Presentation
8. Engagement, Retention and Success: monitoring progression data Presentation 
9. Student casework report QM2016-56 [PDF 822KB]
10. Finance and Investment Committee report including current financial position QM2016-57
Part 3: Strategic Planning  
11. 2017-18 Budget QM2016-58
Part 4: Other Matters for Report  
12. Senate Report QM2016-59 [PDF 231KB]
13. Agenda for the next meeting QM2016-60 [PDF 224KB]
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