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Directorate of Governance and Legal Services


Part 1: Preliminary ItemsPaper
1. Welcome and apologies N/A

2. 21 November 2016 Council meeting

  • Non-confidential minutes
  • Confidential minutes
QM2016-33 [PDF 165KB]

3. Matters arising, including

  • Non-completion rates
QM2016-34 [PDF 830KB]

4. Chairman's opening remarks, including

  • Appointment of President and Principal
  • Appointment of Treasurer

Oral report



5. President and Principal's report including

  • Life Sciences update



6. President's report [QMSU] QM2016-37
Part 2: Performance Review  
7. Vice-Principal's report: Public Engagement and Student Enterprise Presentation
8. Report on student satisfaction surveys QM2016-38 [PDF 3,092KB]
9. Human Resources: Report on staff survey and action plans QM2016-39 [PDF 971KB]
10. QMSU Impact Report QM2016-40 [PDF 2,373KB]
Part 3: Strategic Planning  
11. Renewal of borrowing facilities QM2016-41
Part 4: Legislative and Conformance Issues  
12. Application for university title and changes to University of London Statutes QM2016-42 [PDF 480KB]
13. Health, Safety and Fire Annual Report Summary 2015-16 QM2016-43
14. Recommendation for internal audit services following tender exercise QM2016-44
Part 5: Other Matters for Report  

15. Audit and Risk Committee report, including

  • Strategic risk register
  • Annual appointment of external auditors
16. Finance and Investment Committee report including current financial position  QM2016-46
17. Honorary Degrees and Fellowships Committee report QM2016-47
18. Senate report QM2016-48 [PDF 337KB]
19. *Use of the Common Seal of the College QM2016-49 [PDF 174KB]
20. *Agenda for the next meeting QM2016-50
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