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Directorate of Governance and Legal Services

Council 24 November 2015

 Part 1: Preliminary items  Paper
 1. Welcome and apologies  Oral report
 2. Meeting of  27 October 2015    
    Non-confidential minutes
    Confidential minutes
 QM2015/15 [PDF 219KB]
 3. Matters arising  QM2015/16 [PDF 134KB]
 4. Chairman's opening remarks  Oral report
 5. President and Principals' report  QM2015/17
 6. QMSU President's reporting including QMSU Annual Report 2014-15  QM2015/18 [PDF 1,157KB]
 Part 2: Performance review  
 7. Annual Stocktake  QM2015/19 [PDF 1,477KB]
 8. Strategic risk management: annual report  QM2015/20 [PDF 319KB]
 9. Office of the Independent Adjudicator Annual Letter 2014  QM2015/21 [PDF 653KB]
 Part 3: Strategic planning  
 10. Life Sciences  Oral report
 Part 4: Legislative and conformance issues  
 11. Audit Financial Statement for year-end 31 July 2015  QM2015/22 [PDF 5,919KB]
 12. HEFCE Annual Accountability Return
      - Financial results tables for 2014-15
      - Annual assurance return
      - Annual sustainability statement
 QM2015/23 [PDF 789KB]
 13. Audit and Risk Committee Annual Report 2014-15 (for submission to
 QM2015/24 [PDF 392KB]
 14. Update on Prevent duty  QM2015/25
 Part 5: Other matters for report  
 15. Remuneration Committee Terms of Reference  QM2015/26 [PDF 115KB]
 16. Finance and Investment Committee report including current financial position  QM2015/27
 17. Audit and Risk Committee report including appointment of the Internal
 18. *Agenda for the next meeting  QM2015/29 [PDF 116KB]
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