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Directorate of Governance and Legal Services

Council papers 28 October 2014

Held at 1700 hours on Tuessday 28 October 2014 in the Colette Bowe Room, Queens’ Building, Mile End Campus.


 Part 1: Preliminary items  Paper
 1. Welcome and apologies  Oral report
 2. Meeting of 08 July 2014:  
  • Non-Confidential Minutes
  • Confidential Minutes

 QM2014/01 [PDF 66KB]

 3. Matters Arising  QM2014/02 [PDF 42KB]
 4. Chairman's opening remarks  Oral report
 5. President and Principal's report  QM2014/03
 6. QMSU President's report  QM2014/04 [PDF 392KB]
 Part 2: Performance review  
 7. Vice-Principal (Public Engagement and Student Enterprise) report  QM2014/05 [PDF 1,619KB]
 8. QMUL values statement  QM2014/06 [PDF 34KB]
 9. Council effectiveness review  QM2014/07 [PDF 22KB]
 Part 3: Strategic planning  
 10. Life Sciences  QM2014/08
 11. Strategic risk management: bi-annual report  QM2014/09 [PDF 190KB]
 Part 4: Other matters for report  
 12. *Audit and Risk Committee report   QM2014/10 [PDF 29KB]
 13. *Finance and Investment Committee report  QM2014/11
 14. *Remuneration Committee report  QM2014/12
 15. *Use of Common Seal of the College  QM2014/13 [PDF 24KB]
 16. *Agenda for next meeting  QM2014/14 [PDF 27KB]
 17. Meeting assessment  Oral report
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