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Directorate of Governance and Legal Services


Item Paper
1. Welcome, apologies and declaration of interests N/A

2. Financial performance

a) TO CONSIDER the current financial position

b) TO CONSIDER the Transparent Approach to Costing (TRAC) return

c) TO CONSIDER the QMI annual report

d) TO CONSIDER the QMSU financial statements 2021-22 and mid-year accounts


FIC22-25 [PDF 213KB]

FIC22-26 [PDF 327KB]

FIC22-27 [PDF 2,464KB]


3. Financial policies

a) TO APPROVE the updated Treasury Management Policy

b) TO RECOMMEND FOR APPROVAL the Travel and Expenses Policy

FIC22-28 [PDF 285KB]

FIC22-29 [PDF 556KB]


4. Financial planning

a) TO CONSIDER the outcomes of the annual planning process

b) TO RECOMMEND FOR APPROVAL the budget for 2023-24 and five year forecasts

c) TO CONSIDER risk management in relation to the delivery of the infrastructure plan

d) TO RECOMMEND FOR APPROVAL the infrastructure capital plan

e) TO CONSIDER an update on the student residences strategy







5. Infrastructure business cases

a) TO RECOMMEND FOR APPROVAL an interim business case for the Life Sciences Building

b) TO NOTE an update on the ITL building extension and refurbishment 




6. Committee reporting and management

a) TO CONFIRM the minutes of the previous meeting

b) TO NOTE matters arising from the previous meeting

c) TO NOTE the draft agenda for the next meeting

FIC22-37 [PDF 180KB]


FIC22-39 [PDF 117KB]

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