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Directorate of Governance and Legal Services


 Part 1: Preliminary Items  Papers 
 1. Welcome and apologies  

 2. Minutes of the meeting held on 26 September 2018 

  • Non-confidential minutes
  • Confidential minutes

FIC18-13i [PDF 63KB]


 3. Matters arising   Oral report 
 Part 2: Financial Performance  

 4. Current Financial Position,

 including Capital Projects update 



 5. Financial Performance of Transnational Education   FIC18/23
 6. Draft Financial Statements 2017-18  FIC18/15
 7. Financial Commentary 2017-18  FIC18/16
 8. Review of HSS Faculty Position   FIC18/17
 Part 3: Strategic Investment  
 9. New SBM and Teaching Building Business Case  FIC18/18
 10. Borrowing update   Oral report
 Part 4: Financial Policy and Strategy   
 11. 2018-19 Budget: Principles and Approach   FIC18/19
 12. Financial Regulations and Scheme of Delegation of Financial Authority   FIC18-20 [PDF 464KB]
 13. Travel and Expenses Policy   FIC18/21
 Part 5: Matters for report  
 14. QMSU year-end accounts 2017-18  FIC18/22
 15. Annual Subsidiary Review and Financial Performance  FIC18-24 [PDF 59KB]
 16. *Draft agenda for the next meeting  FIC18-25 [PDF 28KB]
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