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Directorate of Governance and Legal Services


Item  Paper
1. Welcome, apologies and declaration of interests N/A

2. Deep dive presentation

a) TO CONSIDER a deep dive presentation on the staff survey


3. Strategic Management

a) TO CONSIDER an update on KPIs and lead indicators


4. Internal audit

a) TO CONSIDER the internal audit progress report and the internal audit plan 2023-24

b) TO CONSIDER the planned internal audit reports




5. External audit

a) TO CONSIDER the external audit plan 2022-23 and fees

b) TO NOTE an overview of the annual reporting process


ARC22-45 [PDF 186KB]


6. Standing reports

a) TO NOTE any disclosures under the whistle blowing policy since the last meeting

b) TO CONSIDER fraud/financial irregularities occurring since the last meeting 

c) TO CONSIDER a report on a cyber security incident

Oral report




7. Committee management and reporting

a) TO CONSIDER the annual schedule of business 2023-24

b) TO APPROVE the minutes of the meeting held on 13 March 2023

c) TO NOTE the draft agenda for the next meeting

ARC22-48 [PDF 176KB]

ARC22-49 [PDF 130KB]

ARC22-50 [PDF 119KB]

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