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Directorate of Governance and Legal Services

Audit and Risk Committee 2 June 2016

 Part 1: Introduction  Paper
 1. Welcome and apologies  Oral report
 2. Meeting of  04 February 2016    
   Non-confidential minutes
    Confidential minutes
    Executive summary
 ARC2015/47 [PDF 288KB]
 3. Matters arising  ARC2015/48
 Part 2: Risk management  
 4. 'Deep dive' risk report (emergency planning and business continuity)  ARC2015/49 [PDF 1,829KB]
 5. Strategic risk management

 ARC2015/50 [PDF 178KB]

 6. Insurance level cover options  ARC2015/51
 7. Whistleblowing cases since the last meeting  Oral report
 Part 3: Financial control  
 7. Fraud / Financial irregularities occurring since the last meeting  Oral report
 Part 3: Internal and External Audit  
 8. Progress report on FRS102:
     - Restated opening balance sheet at 31 July 2014 and 14-15 financial
     - Update on external audit of the above
     - Confirmation of the renegotiation of bank covenants
     - Draft accounting policy changes
     - Depreciation policy

Oral report
Oral report
ARC2015/52b [PDF 148KB]ARC2015/52c
 9. Update on external audit recommendations from 2014-15  ARC2015/53 [PDF 335KB]
 10. Internal audit reports:
      - Data quality: HESES returns     
     - Examination cycle
     - Finance systems (accounts payable and expenses)
     - Refurbishment of the Maths building
 11. *Progress report on HEFCE data audit recommendations  ARC2015/55 [PDF 322KB]
 12. Internal audit plan 2016-17  ARC2015/56
 13. Progress report on internal audit recommendations and areas of  non-compliance  ARC2015/57 [PDF 508KB]
 Part 4: Statutory and regulatory compliance  
 14. HEFCE assessments and reviews:
      - *Annual Assessment of Institutional Risk 2014-15
      - *Assurance review report
      - *HEFCE annual HESA letter
ARC2015/59 [PDF 322KB]
ARC2015/60 [PDF 248KB]
 Part 5: Financial control  
 15. Fraud / financial irregularities since the last meeting  Oral report
 16. Review of policies and regulations: 
       - Capital Expenditure Policy
       - Financial regulations
       - Scheme of Delegation of Financial Authority
 ARC2015-61 [PDF 1,478KB]
 Part 6: Committee management and report  
 17. Committee Terms of Reference, Membership and Effectiveness review  ARC2015/62 [PDF 358KB]
 18. Annual schedule of business 2016-17 including deep dive schedule  ARC2015/63 [PDF 195KB]
 19. *Draft agenda for the next meeting  ARC2015/64 [PDF 258KB]
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