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School of Business and Management

Yuliya Vanzhulova Tavares

 Yuliya Vanzhulova Tavares

Yuliya is a third-year PhD candidate at the School of Business and Management, is a recipient of a highly competitive SBM scholarship. Her academic journey includes a BSc (Hons.) Economics and Business in Finance and an MSc (Hons.) Economic Sciences in Finance from the Kazakh-British Technical University. Her current research interests are algorithmic work, gig and cloud work, and job quality.

With over five years of experience in the banking sector and active involvement in European Commission projects, the Directorate-General for Economic and Financial Affairs, where she has explored various aspects of the impact of the European Union and the Economic and Monetary Union to show to what extent European integration has favoured financial flows.

Yuliya has also imparted her expertise by teaching courses in Banking, International Economics, Statistics, Economics of Enterprise, and Modelling and Forecasting of Economic Processes, and has been assisting in teaching and co-lecturing on Current Challenges in Business and Management, and Employment Relations modules at QMUL.

Project description:

Yuliya’s research project centres on exploring job quality within the domain of algorithmic work, encompassing both gig and cloud work. While previous studies often focused on specific dimensions of job quality, this research adopts a multidimensional perspective. To achieve this, it utilizes the comprehensive index, which not only accounts for multidimensionality but also weights each dimension according to its importance to 'good' work. By comparing gig and cloud work covering a national context, leveraging a larger quantitative sample, and addressing the limited focus on cloud work, her research aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of algorithmic work's job quality dynamics. Its potential impact extends to both academia and policymaking, aligning with the growing importance of job quality in government agendas and contributing to the broader discourse on job quality in the context of algorithmic work.


1st Supervisor: Dr Maria Koumenta
2nd Supervisor: Prof Martha Prevezer

Centre and Group Membership

Member of the Centre for Globalisation Research


Publications, conferences and workshops


  • Vanzhulova Tavares Y. (2023, September 13-15). Anatomy of an algorithmic gig and cloud work in the UK labour market. BSA Work, Employment & Society Conference, Repositioning Resistance in the Workplace: Reframing Relationality and Risk in Contemporary Work and Employment, Glasgow, UK.
  • Munapest - Model United Nations of Budapest, Chair of the ECOSOC, online, 2021
  • Future We Want Global Virtual Model United Nations, UNHCR, online, 2020
  • Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations, Global Markets and the Economy, 2019, Nur-Sultan
  • Impact Challenge, Transportation Hub Strategy by Boston Consulting Group, 2019, Nur-Sultan
  • Brussels Model European Union, European Central Bank section, 2019, Brussels
  • Eurasian Media Forum, 2019, Almaty
  • Innovative Development Problems in the Oil and Gas Industry, the third International Scientific and Practical Conference, 2010, Almaty



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