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Industry Spotlight

Want to share your professional experience and industry expertise with students?
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Take part in a series of panel discussions that aims to educate and provide direct insight into a particular career or profession.  

As well as providing students a unique insight, the spotlight series builds organisational visibility among Business School students and works to develop a professional’s individual profile.  

What’s involved?  

Sessions are 1-hour, virtual, and involve interactive elements such as Q and A. Each panel focuses on a sector or career path with varying organisations, such as for example:  

  • Human Resource Management   
  • Consulting 
  • Investment Banking 

Hear from attendees and panellists 

A quote from an attendee of an industry spotlight session that reads: “Might've been the most useful hour of my whole education.” – Investment Banking Industry Spotlight Student
A quote from an attendee of an industry spotlight session that reads: “It was a great session which was well organised and I thoroughly enjoyed being part of it.” – Accounting and Finance Industry Spotlight Panellist

Other opportunities:

Teach students employment skills 

We work with a variety of organisations to support the development of our students’ employability skills and competencies. As well as helping students through skills development sessions, organisations are able to support talent pipelines and the quality of graduate applications.   


The support provided by organisations ranges from developing work readiness, helping students expand hard or soft skills or delivering industry insight sessions.   

The sessions are an opportunity for professionals and organisations to network with students and potential student hires. Sessions may be delivered on a yearly basis but can also be one off tailored events. 

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