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The Capstone Project

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The Capstone Project is a core module undertaken by students on our MSc Management programme. This module is designed to give students a supervised experience of working on a group consultancy project, tackling a variety of challenges in the business environment.  

Our Capstone Project aims to develop students’ analytical and problem-solving skills, whilst offering organisations professional and creative solutions from some of our brightest minds – completely free of charge. Students tackle some of the most contemporary issues affecting business and society, through research and analysis for their client, whilst identifying appropriate methods to provide solutions. 

We work with you to curate a bespoke structured project, meaningful and relevant to your organisation. During the project, students are supervised by their academic mentor throughout, with touch points built in with your organisation including an initial client meeting to meet your team, a mid-point and preliminary results meeting, as well as the final presentation meeting. Alongside the Capstone, there are dedicated training sessions to develop particular skills and analytical techniques needed delivered by our academics.  

The School of Business are inviting organisations interested in working with MSc Management students on projects centred around the theme of sustainability, to provide fresh and creative thinking to tackle a sustainability related challenge within their business, completely free of charge. To find out more please contact Nicola Persue-King 

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