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International funding implications

Factors to consider

If you receive financial sponsorship from your government or other organisation, contact them to check how your funding will be affected if you withdraw, interrupt, re-take, or re-sit out of attendance. You should ask whether they will continue to sponsor you when you return to your programme of study, and whether they will sponsor you during your period out of attendance.

If you receive Queen Mary Funding as a Research Student, contact the Research Degrees Office to enquire how this will be affected.  

If funding or sponsorship stops, you will need to be able to financially support yourself until this resumes or for the duration of your course should funding permanently end.  

Funding options in the UK are extremely limited. Our Financial Options During your course page provides some options.


If you have taken a break from your studies, you may need to make a new Student Immigration application to obtain new permission to resume your study and complete your course.  If you need to apply for new Immigration permission to complete your course, you will need to ensure that you have the sufficient funds and documents required to make this application. Visit our Visas for study for information about making a visa application and also Visa and fee implications to changes of your programme . 

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