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SAGEX (Scattering Amplitudes: from Geometry to EXperiment) Outreach Resources

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SAGEX is a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network funded by the European Commission.SAGEX Exhibition

Take a look at the online exhibition 'SAGEX - at the Frontiers of Physics' which was created by SAGEX researchers and relates to their work in scattering amplitudes. Explore the interactive web app which allows you to experience the wonderful world of quantum particles, from basic concepts to cutting-edge ideas, through short videos, games, and other interactive elements.


SAGEX doctoral students have created an exciting and moving film about what studying for a PhD in Physics involves.

The Physics of Language

Can physics shed new light on understanding language? PlusMagazine talked to theoretical physicist Dr Sanjaye Ramgoolam from the Centre for Theoretical Physics, about how his work as a physicist directly inspired the development of an exciting new approach to understanding language – linguistic matrix theory.

Read more on the PlusMagazine Website.

Loaded Dice Activity

An activity on hypothesis testing and signals vs backgrounds suitable for students aged 14+ and at public events. Developed around Particle Physics, it could easily be applied to any topic which relies on statistical analysis.

Access either the Windows application or spreadsheet versions with guides:
Loaded Dice Activity Guide [PDF 668KB]
Loaded Dice Windows Application [95,973KB]
Loaded Dice Spreadsheet Version [711KB]

EM Spectrum Communication Game

This demonstrates how we use electromagnetic waves to communicate through a game. Students encode a message onto a wave, relating this back to the underlying physics and the uses of different parts of the spectrum in communication.

See the video above and presentation file below for how to run. The activity uses the following resources:
EM Spectrum Communication Game Presentation [PPT 1,487KB]
Letter Codes [PDF 1,123KB]
Amplitude Worksheet [PDF 882KB]
Phase Worksheet [PDF 882KB]

Connect Physics

This SEPnet developed activity encourages students to think of the bigger picture connecting Physics to the real world, careers, and the scientific method. Register as a user to download the resources.

Lego Physics

Using LEGO® bricks to illustrate concepts in physics. Includes lesson plans, activity sheets and booklets covering curriculum-linked topics in radiation and particle physics.

Researching the unknown

A series of popular articles about their research by members of the School of Physics and Astronomy, appearing in the online magazine Plus.

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