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Working papers

Queen Mary’s OPALs is an occasional series of working papers by faculty, students, and affiliated visitors at the Department of Linguistics Queen Mary University of London as well as extramural collaborators. Research in the department covers a wide range of topics in socio- and theoretical linguistics and this is reflected in the string of OPALs. Papers are listed in reverse chronological order. If you have any questions concerning the series, or to make a submission, please contact Daniel Harbour.

Style sheets are available for latex:

QMPOAL_style_sheet_sty [DOC 2KB]

QMOPAL_style_sheet_tex [DOC 5KB]

QMPOAL_style_sheet_pdf [PDF 73KB]

and word:

QMOPAL_style_sheet_doc [DOC 48KB]

They are primarily for students. Faculty members should use the style sheet most appropriate to their field or target journal.

51) Y. Chen:‘Women Are Warriors’ or ‘Women Are Flowers’: A Corpus-based Study on the Metaphorical Framings of Women in Women of China [PDF 1,616KB]
(MA Thesis)

50) P. Grant: “Winning your first game”: functional readings of English possessive superlatives and ordinals [PDF 340KB] (MA Thesis)


49) B. Howard: From “the man you love” to “girl boss!”: a critical discourse analysis of feminist ideologies and UK magazine coverlines. [PDF 10,326KB] (MA Thesis)


48) F. Soliman: A content analysis of the gendered language used in online recruitment in Egypt. [PDF 1,604KB]


47) L. Stockall, L. Martí, D. Adger, I. Roy and S. Ouwayda: For Hagit: A celebration


46) H. WenRelative Clauses in Mandarin Chinese [PDF 896KB]


45) R. Graham, D. HarbourRudiments of Tigrinya Ditransitives [PDF 96KB]


44) Z. Adams: The Role of Accent in Increasing the Persuasiveness of a Children’s Oral Health Intervention [PDF 455KB]


43) S. Asinari: Case Syncretism in Russian Numeral Constructions [PDF 775KB] (BA Thesis)


42) D. Harbour: Grammar Drives Writing System Evolution: Lessons from the Birth of Vowels [PDF 333KB]


41) E. Levon, Y. Ye: Language, Indexicality and Gender Ideologies: Contextual Effects on the Perceived Credibility of Women [PDF 1,099KB]


40) C. Ilbury: ‘Beyond the Offline’: Social Media and the Social Meaning of Variation in East London [PDF 4,883KB] (PhD Thesis)


39) S. M. Gates: Language Variation and Ethnicity in a Multicultural East London Secondary School [PDF 12,849KB] (PhD Thesis)


38) M. G. Rinaldi: Bare Singulars and So-Called Bare Singulars [PDF 2,595KB] (PhD Thesis)


37) Z. Adams: The persuasiveness of British accents: Enhancing parental self-efficacy to manage children’s oral health behaviours [PDF 3,942KB] (PhD Thesis)


36) J. Brookes, D. Hall, J. Cheshire, D. Adger: Causal Interrogative Variation in Multicultural and Traditional Varieties of London English [PDF 717KB]


35) D. Hall: Spelling Out the Noun Phrase: Interpretation, Word Order, and the Problem of ‘Meaningless Movement’ [PDF 1,802KB] (PhD Thesis)


34) J. WestonThe linguistic construction of epistemological difference [PDF 1,927KB] (PhD Thesis)


33) J. Cheshire, J. Nortier, D. AdgerEmerging multiethnolects in Europe [PDF 491KB]


32) E. de Leeuw, A. Tusha, H. Zhao, K. Helke, A. GreenfieldA case study of extreme L1 attrition in the domain of phonetics [PDF 255KB]


31) D. Harbour, M. Rinaldi, M. Skene, L. TinayTiwa tales: From the work of Carobeth Tucker Harrington [PDF 340KB]


30) F. Panayidou(In)flexibility in adjective ordering [PDF 1,276KB] (PhD dissertation)


29) M. SecovaDiscours direct chez les jeunes : nouvelles structures, nouvelles fonctions [PDF 362KB]


28) L. BradleyTo be, or not twobe’s? Celtic substrate influence on the Old English copula [PDF 457KB] (BA thesis)


27) O. BrownlowTowards a unified analysis of the syntax andsemantics ofgetconstructions [PDF 1,395KB] (PhD dissertation)


26) D. AdgerConstructions and grammatical explanation [PDF 88KB]


25) M. Secova: ‘ Je sais et tout mais...?: Might the general extenders in European French be cha [PDF 404KB]


24) E. de Leeuw, I. Mennen, J. M. ScobbieDynamic Systems, Maturational Constraints, and L1 Phonetic Attrition [PDF 443KB]


23) E. de LeeuwReassessing maturational constraints through evidence of L1 attrition in the ph [PDF 234KB]


22) D. Sharma, B. RamptonLectal focusing in interaction: A new methodology for the study of superdiverse [PDF 863KB]


21) P. ElbourneIncomplete descriptions and sloppy identity [PDF 630KB]


20) D. Harbour Mythomania? Methods and morals from ?The myth of language universals [PDF 352KB]


19) L. Stockall, E.M. Husband, A. BerettaThe online composition of events [PDF 1,009KB]


18) E. LevonThe voice of others: Identity, alterity and gender normativity among gay men in [PDF 265KB]


17) E. LevonTeasing apart to bring together: Gender and sexuality in variationist research [PDF 133KB]


16) E. LevonThe politics of prosody: Language, sexuality and national belonging in Israel [PDF 223KB]


15) L. MartíImplicit indefinite objects: The barest of the bare [PDF 477KB]


14) E. de Leeuw, I. Mennen, J.M. ScobbieSinging a different tune in your native language: First language attrition of p [PDF 839KB]


13) C. CiarloSubject clitic variability is not free variation: Evidence from a Northern Ital [PDF 602KB]


12) D. Sharma, A. DeoContact-based aspectual restructuring: A critique of the Aspect Hypothesis [PDF 509KB]


11) J. Cheshire, S. FoxWas/were?variation: A perspective from London [PDF 263KB]


10) A. KleemannFocus particle placement within German event nominals [PDF 164KB]


9) C. Cotter, J. DamasoOnline dictionaries as emergent archives of contemporary usage and collaborativ [PDF 254KB]


7) E. PetitCompliments and gender in French single-sex friendship groups [PDF 235KB]


6) D. HarbourPerson hierarchies and geometry without hierarchies or geometries [PDF 596KB]


5) D. HarbourNumber: Morphological use of semantic means [PDF 157KB]


4) D. AdgerFracturing the adjective: Evidence from Gaelic comparatives [PDF 158KB]


3) K. TanabeSpeech Patterns of Japanese Girls or Gals: Symbol of Identity & Opposition to Power [PDF 271KB]


2) E. Petit: Topics of Conversation and Gender in French Single-Sex Friendship Groups [PDF 233KB]


1) A. KleemannDistribution and interpretation of the German focus particle?nur??only? in sent [PDF 191KB]


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