School of Languages, Linguistics and Film

PhD alumni

Graduating Year: 2020

Adjunct Lecturer in Linguistics
Email: nathan.young[at]
Dissertation Title: Voices from socially-stratified urban Scandinavia: Rhythmic and vocalic variation of maleStockholmers by class, ethnicity, and style
Postdoctoral Research Assistant at QMUL
Email: c.l.ilbury[at]
Dissertation Title: Beyond the Offline: Social Media and the Social Meaning of Variation in East London


Graduating Year: 2019

Zoe Adams
Email: z.k.adams [at]
Dissertation Title: The persuasiveness of British accents: Enhancing parental self-efficacy to manage children's oral health behaviour
Mohammad Alhailawani
Email: m.alhailawani [at]
Dissertation Title: Nominal Structure and Ellipsis in Jordanian Arabic
Shivonne Gates
Senior Researcher at NatCen Social Research
Email: shivonne.gates [at]
Dissertation Title: Language variation and ethnicity in a multicultural East London secondary school

Melisa Rinaldi
Email: m.g.rinaldi [at]
Dissertation Title: Bare Singulars and So-Called Bare Singulars
Danniella Samos
Email: d.samos [at]
Dissertation Title: The 'War on the Obesity Epidemic' : Metaphorical framings of obesity in different text types

Graduating Year: 2018

Panpan Yao
Postdocotoral fellow at the Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Science
Email: p.yao [at]
Dissertation Title: The on-line processing and anticipation building on Natives Mandarin speakers and late Dutch-Mandarin learners
Hui Zhao
Postdoctoral research associate for MEITS at the University of Nottingham
Email: hui.zhao1 [at]
Dissertation Title: Language variation and social identity in Beijing
Chen Wang
Email: [at]
Dissertation Title: The Syntax of Le in Mandarin Chinese

Graduating Year: 2017

Reem Alkhammash
Assistant professor at Taif University
Email: r.alkamash [at]
Dissertation Title: Metaphors of National Reform: the Press Discourse of Female Journalists on Women's Work in Saudi Arabia
Anne Beshears
Email: a.beshears [at]
Dissertation Title: The demonstrative nature of the Hindi/Marwari correlative.
Tom Stanton
Dissertation Title: One, Noun Structure, and Modification.

Graduating Year: 2016

David Hall
Teaching fellow at QMUL
Email: d.t.hall [at]
Dissertation Title: Spelling Out the Noun Phrase: Interpretation, Word Order, and the Problem of 'Meaningless Movement'.
Hong Liu
Email: h.liu [at]
Dissertation Title: English in the Chinese discourse of Chinese professionals in London: Register and social factors.    
Pavadee Saisuwan
Lecturer in Linguistics at Chulalongkorn University, Thailand
Email: pavadee.sai [at]
Dissertation Title: Male femininity in Thai among men who identify with non-normative male roles.

Graduating Year: 2015

Fangfang Niu
Email: f.niu [at]
Dissertation Title: Nominal possession in Mandarin Chinese.
John Weston
University teacher of Academic English at Aalto University
Email: j.weston [at]
Dissertation Title: The Linguistic Construction of Epistemological Difference 

Graduating Year: 2014 

Researcher Development Adviser
Email: f.panayidou [at]
Dissertation Title: (In)flexibility in Adjective Ordering
Agnieszka Lyons 
Lecturer in Applied Linguistics at Queen Mary University of London
Email: a.lyons [at]
Dissertation Title: Self-presentation and self-positioning in text-messages: Embedded multimodality, deixis, and reference frame

Graduating Year: 2013

Barbara Clark
Founder and linguistics consultant at
Email: info [at]
Dissertation Title: Safety Talk and Service Culture: Flight Attendant Discourse in Commercial Aviation.
Phillipa Law
Social Media & UGC Editor at the Associated Press
Email: mail [at]
Dissertation Title: Audiences' willingness to participate in Welsh-language media.
Rachelle Vessey
Lecturer in Applied Linguistics at Birkbeck University of London 
Email: r.vessey [at]
Dissertation Title: Language ideologies and discourses of national identity in Canadian newspapers: a cross-linguistic corpus-assisted discourse study.

Graduating Year: 2012

Rusudan Amirejibi-Mullen
Dissertation Title: Language policy and national identity in Georgia.
Simone Curzio Bacchini   
Dissertation Title: Telling pain: a study of the linguistic encoding of the experiences of chronic pain and illness through the lexicogrammar of Italian.
Oliver Brownlow
Dissertation Title: Towards a unified analysis of the syntax and semantics of get constructions.
Enrico Chessa
Dissertation Title: Another case of language death? The intergenerational transmission of Catalan in Alghero.
Issa M. M. Abdel Razaq
Dissertation Title: Who is What and What is Who: The Morpho-syntax of Arabic WH.
Maneenun Rhurakvit
Dissertation Title: Complaints in Thai and English: an interlanguage pragmatic study.

Graduating Year: 2011

Ahmad El-Sharif
Dissertation Title: A linguistic study of Islamic religious discourse: conceptual metaphors in the prophetic tradition.
Chrystie Layne Myketiak
Dissertation Title: Discourses of desire: the normative in online sex talk.     
Maria Secova
Lecturer in French at the Open University 
Email: maria.secova [at]
Dissertation Title: Discourse-pragmatic features of spoken French: analysis and pedagogical implications

Graduating Year: 2010

Nada Al-Gharabally
Associate Professor of English at The Public Authority for Applied Education and Training, Kuwait 
Dissertation Title: Two cultures, one room: investigating language and gender in Kuwait
Chiara Ciarlo
Teaching Fellow in Italian Language at University of Reading
Email: c.ciarlo [at]
Dissertation Title: Subject clitic variation in a northern Italian dialect.
Ruth Kircher
Lecturer in English Language at Liverpool Hope University
Email: kircher [at]
Dissertation Title: Subject clitic variation in a northern Italian dialect  

Graduating Year: 2007

Jon Orman
Assistant Professor of Linguistics at Hong Kong University
Email: jorman [at]
Dissertation Title: Language policy and nation-building in post-apartheid South Africa.
Stephen Levey
Associate Professor, University of Ottawa 
Email: slevey [at]
Dissertation Title: The Next Generation: Aspects of Grammatical Variation in the Speech of some London Preadolescents