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School of Languages, Linguistics and Film

Agnieszka Lyons, PhD (QMUL)


Reader in Applied Linguistics and Multimodality

Room Number: Arts One 1.16B
Office Hours: On MS Team (see QMPlus), or by appointment


My research uses discourse analytic and ethnographic methods to examine the discursive construction of embodied identity in polycentric migrant environments. Employing multimodal and mediated discourse analysis, I explore patterns of chronotopic negotiation in text-based mobile and electronically mediated translocal interactions.

For details of my research, publications and teaching, please visit


  • Beyond Language: Multimodality in Theory and Practice (UG)
  • Corpus Linguistics – Theory and Practice (UG)
  • Language and the Media (UG)
  • Approaches and Methods to English Language Teaching (PG)
  • Second Language Acquisition (PG)
  • Description of Language (PG)
  • Intercultural Communication (PG)
  • Research Methods (PG)


Research Interests:

  • Communication in migrant environments 
  • Chronotopes and chronotopic identities 
  • Digital connectivity and healthy ageing
  • Embodiment in written discourse 
  • Language, culture and transcultural identities 
  • Multimodality
  • Digital communication 
  • Linguistic ethnography 
  • Pragmatics 
  • Sociolinguistics 
  • Discourse analysis 


Browse a list of publications by Dr Agnieszka Lyons.

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