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School of Languages, Linguistics and Film

Agnieszka Lyons, PhD (QMUL)


Senior Lecturer in Applied Linguistics

Room Number: Arts One 1.16B


My research uses discourse analytic and ethnographic methods to examine the discursive construction of embodied identity in polycentric migrant environments. Employing multimodal and mediated discourse analysis, I explore patterns of chronotopic negotiation in text-based mobile and electronically mediated translocal interactions.

For details of my research, publications and teaching, please visit


  • Beyond Language: Multimodality in Theory and Practice (UG)
  • Corpus Linguistics – Theory and Practice (UG)
  • Language and the Media (UG)
  • Approaches and Methods to English Language Teaching (PG)
  • Second Language Acquisition (PG)
  • Description of Language (PG)
  • Intercultural Communication (PG)
  • Research Methods (PG)


Research Interests:

  • Communication in migrant environments 
  • Chronotopes and chronotopic identities 
  • Digital connectivity and healthy ageing
  • Embodiment in written discourse 
  • Language, culture and transcultural identities 
  • Multimodality
  • Digital communication 
  • Linguistic ethnography 
  • Pragmatics 
  • Sociolinguistics 
  • Discourse analysis 


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