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School of Languages, Linguistics and Film


Linguistics research at QMUL falls into three broad areas, with active collaboration at the interfaces.

Formal Linguistics Research Group

Our Formal Linguistics Research Group addresses topics in generative grammar (syntax, semantics, morphology, phonology) and explores the relationship between the human linguistic capacity and human cognitive capacities more generally.

Sociolinguistics Research Group

Our Sociolinguistics Research Group addresses topics related to variation between and among language communities, and explores the connections between human linguistic behaviour and social and cultural organization and behaviour. 

Experimental Linguistics Research Group

Our Experimental Linguistics Research Group addresses topics deriving from laboratory-based research across sub-disciplines of linguistics, using experimental methods to explore questions in phonetics, phonology, first and second language acquisition, syntax, semantics, and sociolinguistics. 

Research events

The department as a whole organizes regular speaker series, reading groups and other events. We also share our work with local communities and the wider public through various public engagement activities. We publish a working papers series, Queen Mary’s Occasional Papers Advancing Linguistics.

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