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School of Languages, Linguistics and Film

Rhys J. Sandow, PhD

Rhys J.

Lecturer in Sociolinguistics

Office Hours: Friday 11-12


My key research involves exploring sociolinguistic patterns of lexical variation, focussing on both production and perception. In particular, I’m interested in the ways in which by more closely engaging with the level of lexical variation we can better understand processes of language change. I also have research interests in corpus linguistics and phonetics. 


  • Phonetics I: Sounds of English
  • Sociolinguistic Variation and Change
  • Sex, Gender and Language
  • Sociophonetics
  • Language in the UK


Research Interests:

  • Lexical variation
  • Style
  • Identity
  • Sociolinguistic production
  • Sociolinguistic perception
  • Corpus linguistics


Sandow, Rhys J. George Bailey., Natalie Braber. (forthcoming). Language change is wicked: Semantic and social meaning of a polysemous adjective. English Language & Linguistics.

Sandow, Rhys J., George Bailey., Natalie Braber., Eddie O’Hara-Brown. (forthcoming). How ‘U’ are ‘U’ words? Exploring variation in the usage and perception of class-based lexical shibboleths in British English. English World-Wide.

Sandow, Rhys J. (forthcoming). Interpreting identity effects in sociolinguistic variation and change: The role of identity in the usage and recognition of Anglo-Cornish dialect lexis. Journal of English Linguistics

Robinson, Justyna A., Rhys J. Sandow., & Roberta Piazza. (forthcoming). Introducing the keyconcept approach to the analysis of language: The case of REGULATION in Covid-19 diaries. Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence

Sandow, Rhys J. (2023). An emmet’s tale: The duality of social and lexical change. Language & Communication, 93(2), 15-29.

Sandow, Rhys J. (2023). Maid in Cornwall: Social, stylistic, and cognitive factors in lexical levelling. English World-Wide, 44(2), 157-183.

Sandow, Rhys J. (2022). Attention, identity and lingusitic capital: Inverted style-shifting in Anglo-Cornish dialect lexis. English Language & Linguistics, 26(4), 677-695.

Sandow, Rhys J. (2021). Anglo-Cornish Dialect Lexis: Variation, Change, and Social Meaning. Unpublished PhD thesis, University of Sussex.

Sandow, Rhys J. (2020). ‘The Anglo-Cornish dialect is a performance, a deliberate performance’: Ideological orientation and patterns of lexical variation in a peripheral dialect. English Today, 36(3), 77-84.

Sandow, Rhys J. & Justyna A. Robinson. (2018). ‘Doing Cornishness’ in the English periphery: Embodying ideology through Anglo-Cornish dialect lexis. In Natalie Braber & Sandra Jansen (eds.), Sociolinguistics in England, 333-361. London: Palgrave.

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