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Queen Mary advises the Ethiopian government on a new digital national ID card system

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The World Bank sought technical advice on the legal framework to support the introduction of National ID cards in Ethiopia. The Centre for Commercial Law Studies were assisted to prepare a successful commercial tender to carry out this work.

The challenge

The government of Ethiopia has been looking at ways to modernise its existing identification programme. They need a system which interacts with existing electronic platforms that need to uniquely identify individuals. As Ethiopia undergoes ongoing digital transformation, the identity card system will need to be future-proof. The pilot project is expected to be completed within the coming eight months. Peace Minister Muferiat Kamil said apart from modernising the ID card system, the programme will be essential for digital service delivery, enabling online authentication, and preventing crimes, among others.

Digital identification offers transformative solution to most of our social, economic as well as political problems. It is an efficient way to government and business to reach and serve our population.
— Ethiopian Peace Minister Muferiat Kamil

How did we work with our partners to solve the problem?

Consultants from Queen Mary reviewed the existing legal framework in Ethiopia.

They considered:

  • Institutional and governance arrangements for an independent National Identity Database authority
  • Digital authentication (electronic commerce and transactions)
  • The security of networks, services, applications and data
  • The access to information in consultation with the Ministry of Justice and other appropriate institutions to identify gaps in the current legal and regulatory enabling framework

The consultants were able to provide recommendations regarding updating existing legislation and elaboration of new legislation and regulations with regard to ā€œeā€-legislation.

The outcome

The project has been launched and will be completed over the coming months.

Consultancy and contract research

Consultancy and Contract Research Manager: Andrew Shaw  

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