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Report and Presentation assessment

A student gives a presentation

Students prepare a report on two case studies and present it. The report is based on a limited number of weekly tasks (4 here) carried over in the second part of the term.

  • Knowledge
  • Written communication 
  • Presentation skills 

The aim of this assessment is to replicate a real-life experience. Students have to build a portfolio during the term with weekly tasks (4 weeks) based on two case studies of their choice (there is a large selection of possible studies). Then they create a report at the end of the term and present their case studies. They are marked for the weekly task, the written report, and the presentation.

Students apply to real-life examples what they learn during the module and develop skills that increase their employability. The constant work and feedback in the second part of the term increase the level of engagement.

This type of assessment includes a viva presentation which requires some time. The length of the report (max number of words) and the presentation (time allowed) is controlled.

  • It is possible to set submission areas on QMplus
  • The presentation can be done online (Teams or Zoom)

Feedback is given to students on all parts of their work. Feedback is given on their weekly task because it is the source of their report.  

Can it be used face to face and/or online?: 



Each student has to choose two case studies and there is a huge selection of examples that already guarantees originality. The different ways to approach each case study also depends on the student, and then the viva presentation provides another guarantee of the work's integrity.

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