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Dr Jeremy Hicks exploring Russian film archives Blog: Why Holocaust films impel us to vigilance
24 January 2014

In the digital age, smartphones are ubiquitous with 24-hour rolling news, their camera lens contributing to the narrative of world events.

Eric Heinze, Professor of Law Blog: Rights against democracy - recalling International Human Rights Day
10 December 2013

The 10 December is International Human Rights Day, an event first celebrated 65 years ago. In this blog post, Professor of Law, Eric Heinze gives an insightful look into how human 'rights' have progressed over the centuries.

Blog: Turner Prize: What can cognitive scientists tell us about art?
6 December 2013How do people make sense of Tuner Prize nominee Tino Sehgal's These Associations? And what can cognitive scientists learn from the way they do it?
Blog: What was the point of the party conferences?
2 October 2013

Tim Bale, a professor in politics, ponders whether party conferences are still relevant today.

Blog: Policy making in and out of power: a dozen lessons
2 July 2013A blog post by Professor Tim Bale: At an event last week co-organised by the School of Politics and International Relations at Queen Mary University of London and kindly hosted by Jon Cruddas MP, who is in charge of Labour’s Policy Review, an audience gathered in the House of Commons to hear from three experienced policy people from across the party spectrum: James O’Shaughnessy (Director of the Conservative Research Department, 2007-10 and Director of Policy to the Prime Minister, 2010-2011), Polly Mackenzie (Senior Strategy Adviser to the Deputy Prime Minister since 2010 before which she was in charge of policy for the Lib Dems), and Nick Pearce (currently Director of the IPPR, formerly Head of the Number Ten Policy Unit, 2008-10).
Blog: Identity Politics in Your Wallet
26 June 2013

The Bank of England has come under storm for featuring too few women on its banknotes. Why not abandon the Great Britons approach altogether, argues Dr Helen McCarthy, lecturer in history.