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SOLM047 Investment Treaty Arbitration: Foundations, Jurisdiction and Procedure

Module Description

The aim of this course is to establish students’ knowledge and critical understanding as well as provide an insight into the practice of international investment arbitration at the juncture of dispute resolution and public international law and policy.

The course is divided into three main topics:

  • Topic 1: International Investment Disputes Out-of-Court: Principles and Historical Evolution
  • Topic 2: ICSID - Jurisdiction and Procedure
  • Topic 3: Bilateral Investment Treaties - Jurisdiction and Procedure

Course content

  • Introduction: International trade and investment disputes out of court
  • Regulatory and institutional framework
  • Basic principles of dispute settlement with reference to investment
  • Applicable law issues
  • ICSID Jurisdiction
  • ICSID Procedure
  • Bilateral Investment Treaties (with focus on umbrella clauses, parallel proceedings and MFN clauses)
  • Enforcement of decisions and awards
  • Grey zone between substance - procedure / public - private international law
  • Case studies

Applicable Groupings


30 Credits

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