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Greek data watchdog to rule on AI systems in refugee camps

Dr Niovi Vavoula speaks to about the forthcoming decision on the compliance of surveillance and security systems in Greek refugee camps.

Surveillance cameras on a mast against a blue sky

Image by Jürgen Jester from Pixabay

The investigation is focusing on two controversial high-tech surveillance and security systems, Centaur and Hyperion, after several Greek civil society organisations and a researcher filed a complaint to the Greek DPA questioning the legality of the programs under Greek and European laws. The decision could determine how intelligence (AI) and biometric systems are used in migration management in Greece and beyond.

Niovi Vavoula, Senior Lecturer in Migration and Security at Queen Mary University of London, says: “It is difficult to see how the DPA will not find a breach”. ‘She said “major shortcomings” identified include the lack of appointment of a data protection officer at the Greek Migration Ministry prior to the launch of its programs.’

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