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China's extradition battles: human rights in European courts

Dr Matthieu Burnay has written an opinion piece for Solicitors Journal examining China’s extradition practices amid rising human rights tensions.

China and EU flags

Against the background of rising geopolitical tensions and following the international outcry against the adoption of the Hong Kong National Security Law, the relationship between Europe and China in criminal justice has become increasingly confrontational.

In the article Dr Burnay, Reader in Global Law at Queen Mary University of Law, said “In the context of Europe-China relations,  there is a growing body of case law in states parties to the European Convention for Human Rights (i.e. Sweden, Czech Republic, Poland, Cyprus, Italy), which have highlighted how decisions to extradite an individual may be in contradiction with basic ECHR principles such as the right to life (Article 2), the prohibition of torture (Article 3), as well as the right to a fair trial (Article 6).”

Read the full piece in the Solicitors Journal (subscription required).



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