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Myanmar cracked down brutally on protests. It may get worse

Dr Ronan Lee and Professor Penny Green were featured in the media discussing the situation in Myanmar.

Myanmar flag blowing in the wind

Scores of demonstrators protesting a coup have been killed by Myanmar’s security forces as nationwide strikes in Myanmar have intensified. Dr Ronan Lee, a visiting scholar at the International State Crime Initiative at Queen Mary said: "Myanmar's history suggests the military will use ever increasing brutality and violence in an attempt to put down the protest movement. In the past, the military has been prepared to murder thousands to quell civil unrest or to meet its goals." Dr Lee was featured in in the Independent and the Daily Mail.

Professor Penny Green, Director of International State Crime Initiative at Queen Mary was also featured in the Monocle on the latest protests in Myanmar. Speaking on the Monocle she said: "What we are seeing now is the military flexing its full capacity to instigate terror against the Myanmar population. It's well experienced in this kind of terror and its now lifted any restraints that have existed."

Listen to the full Monocle clip.



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