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Lockdown is exposing the folly of reckless financial strategies

Research on pension funds by Professor Rosa Lastra featured in Financial Times

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Research by Professor Rosa Lastra from Queen Mary’s Centre for Commercial Law Studies was referenced by the Financial times in relation to pension funds. According to the piece, if policymakers want to encourage asset owners to make fund managers behave differently, they might also consider changing the rules of the game in advance. One idea, proposed by the economists Charles Goodhart and Rosa Lastra, is to curb or withdraw the privilege of limited liability for company managers and influential investors, such as private equity and activists. Another is to restore visibility. These were arguments put forward by Professor Lastra, Sir John Lubbock Chair in Banking Law at Queen Mary, in her paper Equity Finance: Matching Liability to Power.

Read 'Lockdown is exposing the folly of reckless financial strategies' on the Financial Times website (subcription required)

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