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Oxford Business Blog highlights Prof. Dignam’s work on AI


Queen Mary Law Professor Alan Dignam’s work on corporate governance and Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been featured on the University of Oxford’s Business Law Blog.

The blog highlights Prof. Dignam’s paper ‘Artificial Intelligence: The Very Human Dangers of Dysfunctional Design and Autocratic Corporate Governance’, which claims that there is a general misunderstanding and misapplication of essentially rudimentary AI decision-making technology, and proposes a regulatory model which focuses on public rather than private interests in order to control the potential risk that AI tech poses. The paper also looks at the corporate governance structures of AI tech companies finding that “autocratic models of corporate governance abound.”

Ultimately Dignam concludes that the temptation to deregulate AI tech should be resisted. Public interest regulation along with changes to corporate governance regulation relating to tech companies is necessary.

Read the blog post here.




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