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Neve Gordon asks: Who's Afraid of Jeremy Corbyn?


Professor Neve Gordon has written an opinion piece about accusations that Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Labour Party, is antisemitic: "Since I moved to London two years ago, hardly a day has gone by without a new attack against Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn in the British media. These attacks follow a familiar script: a fragment of some action, photo or errant remark from Corbyn’s past is unearthed and sensationally presented as fresh evidence of his sordid character—and this information is then mobilized to demonstrate that Labour’s leader is 'antisemitic and pro-terrorist.'"

In the piece Gordon reflects on the why, who and what of the allegations constantly leveled at Corbyn. He writes that, " is crucial to ask a number of questions: Why has Corbyn been subject to such relentless personal attack, particularly regarding the charge of antisemitism? Who exactly is feeding these stories to the media? And, finally, what are the political objectives of such vicious and relentless attacks?"

Read the full piece here.



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