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School of Law

Professor Neve Gordon co-writes a piece for The Conversation, discussing the 'migrant caravan' near the US border


Professor Neve Gordon from Queen Mary’s School of Law writes in The Conversation about the ‘migrant caravan’ making its way towards the US border. He writes: “Donald Trump has long lambasted the migrants. He first characterised them as ‘invaders’, who sheltered among their ranks ‘unknown Middle Easterners’. Later, Trump admitted that this thinly veiled attempt to portray the migrants as terrorists was not based on any ‘proof’ but nevertheless went on to calm the public by declaring that the US military would be waiting for the caravan at the Mexican border. Initially announcing that he would send as many as 5,200 troops, he later upped this number to a possible 15,000 soldiers.” Read the article on The Conversation.



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