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IT Services

Research Liaison

Julita Inca Research Community Lead

Julita has the responsibility for developing the technical skills of our research community. She is working on 1-to-1 and group training on an introduction to using Linux and our HPC faciltiies, for which has had extensive experience both in the UK and abroad. She is also identifying where research areas could further benefit from the services we provide.

She has a Masters degree in High Performance Computing (HPC) from the University of Edinburgh, where she managed benchmarking on clusters such as ARCHER, Cirrus, and Fulhame. Her professional experience with supercomputers has been done in the UK with the Cambridge Service for Data-Driven Discovery (CSD3) at the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA), and in the US with SUMMIT, Titan, and the CADES Scalable HPC (SHPC) Condos at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL).

She has been a Linux Ambassador for around 10 years and has 15 years of experience in IT. She was a teacher at universities for more than 7 years, an online trainer, an international conference speaker, a blogger, and a photographer.

Kaptan Miah - Research Facilitator (Digital Humanities)

Kaptan has over a decade experience of working within higher education. Prior to joining the ITS Research team, he worked as an IT Manager with a  broad remit for developing IT-related strategies for supporting teaching and research with a hands-on responsibility of managing  IT infrastructure.  Since joining ITS Research he has continued to support researchers across the HSS with the pre-and post-award research grant applications (e.g DMP, IT requirements etc). He has first-hand knowledge of working with various stakeholders in order to deliver IT solutions which support the research life cycle. Previously, he worked as an IT Research Consultant and held an Honorary Research Contract with NHS evaluating clinical trial systems.

Alem Million - Research Facilitator (SMD and Life Sciences)

Alem has wide range of IT experience and an MSc in computer science from University of Essex. He has broadly worked on the configuration and licensing of FEA, CAD/CAM and other engineering applications and has many years of experience in supporting research in the science and engineering areas. Previously he worked as an IT Research Consultant for the science and engineering faculty. He has extensive experience on working on IG-tool kit and was instrumental in getting level 3 certification for PCTU.

Olivia Warren - Digital Humanities Support Officer

Keith Bancroft - Computational Teaching Support Manager

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