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What is Globus?

Globus is used for transferring, sharing, and discovering data via a web browser. It allows collaboration with other researchers, without requiring them to have accounts on QMUL systems. Globus uses widely-adopted industry standards for authentication and authorisation, as well as GridFTP and HTTPS protocols. Globus lets you share data with collaborators at other research institutions, whether your data exists on Apocrita, Tape archive, Scientific instrument or Laptop/PC.

How do I get access to Globus?

Visit and search for Queen Mary University of London > click Continue and follow the log in process.

Is there a Globus Slack channel?

 Yes. If you have an email address, you can create an account.

The Globus Slack Channel can be found here: #globus

Can I get Globus Plus?

Yes. ITS Research can provide you access. Globus Plus users can create shared endpoints on their personal computers and transfer files between Globus Connect Personal endpoints.

To access this please contact the ITS Research Consultants:

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