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Why use Apocrita?

Using an HPC cluster can substantially reduce the time taken to compute problems by running analyses in parallel or breaking them up into pieces. Both strategies allow for the problem to be worked on by many separate compute cores (CPUs) at the same time. Any Researcher who commonly finds themselves regularly performing computational work on their machine should consider moving their workflow to the HPC Cluster, where you can significantly increase analysis throughput, or enable computations which are not feasible on a standard desktop machine while utilising a scalable, backed-up storage system to store your research data.

The Apocrita system has been specifically designed to meet the needs of a wide variety of research in the areas of our three faculties, including GPU nodes to facilitate Machine Learning workloads, low latency Infiniband networking for parallel jobs favoured by astronomy and computational chemistry, plus high-performance storage to aid genomic analyses.

Please visit our HPC website: - for more information, details on applications available on the cluster, or to request an account.

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