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Yonsei University

As an exchange student, there are a few things you need to know about going to Yonsei University. Learn more about the location, the courses and student life! 

Visit their website for more information about studying abroad at Yonsei University!


Yonsei University's Exchange/Visiting Student Programs offer opportunities to students who plan to study for a year or a semester in Korea's top university located in the heart of Seoul, the dynamic capital city of Korea.

Yonsei University in South Korea's oldest university and one of its three SKY institutions. Yonsei enjoys top 100 world rankings in many subjects including arts and humanities, modern languages, management and social sciences (QS).


Yonsei is situated in a spacious, quiet, and well-wooded environment with a mountain, located 6km to the west of the centre of Seoul's metropolitan area. 

The capital and largest city, Seoul, is the centre of Asia's third-largest economy. This round-the-clock city is constantly on the move. Yet there are plenty of areas to escape the crowds. Popular tourist spots include the ancient palaces and royal shrines of the Joseon Dynasty, the historic Namhansan Mountain Fortress, the Han River which runs to North Korea, and the Seoul World Cup and Olympic Stadia.

Seoul is within comfortable flying distance of Japan and China, with Tokyo, Beijing and Shanghai all less than a three-hour flight away.

Level of competitiveness

Very competitive ***

The level of competitiveness (Less competitive * / Competitive ** / Very competitive ***) refers to one's chances of being allocated an exchange space at this partner. This is an approximation determined by the number of applications received for this destination during the last academic year versus the total number of exchange spaces available to Queen Mary students. 

Academic Calendar

Semester 1: from the end of August to December

Semester 2: from the end of February to June

More information on important dates can be found on Yonsei’s academic calendar.


Yonsei University is not an option for students from the School of Economics and Finance.

Other restrictions:

  • Medicine / Dentistry / Nursing / Pharmacy
  • Music
  • MBA
  • Law
  • Courses offered in Songdo International Campus

Please note that the restrictions may vary depending on the type/level of exchange. (Eg. Students coming through faculty-specific agreements may be allowed to take courses from the faculties listed above)

Please visit the courses webpage.

Go to the module catalogue.


Students must register for 12 credits per semester

Find out more about credit transfer and grade conversions.


Students interested in staying at on-campus housing must submit a separate housing application as soon as it opens online. Please note that housing is not guaranteed due to limited spaces. Rooms will be served on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Off-campus accommodation options are boarding houses (Hasukjip), private studios and guest houses, although these are general not for long term leasing.

Cost of Living

  • Housing:$1,700
  • Meals:$2,000
  • Textbooks and supplies:$400
  • Transportation $400

Support Services

More information on accessibility can be found on Yonsei's page for students with disabilities

Social Media

Additional Resources

Yonsei Study Abroad Brochure [PDF 3,220KB]