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Global Opportunities

University of Melbourne

As an exchange student, there are a few things you need to know about going to the University of Melbourne. Learn more about the location, the courses and student life! 

Visit their website for more information about studying abroad at the University of Melbourne!


The University of Melbourne is the second oldest university in Australia. Melbourne is ranked as one of the top universities in the world and is the first university in Australia.


The University of Melbourne’s main campus, Parkville is located in the centre of Melbourne.

Melbourne is Australia’s second-largest city and is located in Victoria, Australia’s smallest yet most densely populated state, with over 5 million inhabitants.

Melbourne is often referred to as the sporting and cultural capital of Australia, boasting many music, art, fashion and sporting festivals. With 5 universities, Melbourne is a student-focused city.

Level of competitiveness

Competitive **

The level of competitiveness (Less competitive * / Competitive ** / Very competitive ***) refers to one's chances of being allocated an exchange space at this partner. This is an approximation determined by the number of applications received for this destination during the last academic year versus the total number of exchange spaces available to Queen Mary students. 

Application process for successful students

Visit their website for more information on how to apply, including how to choose your program, meet eligibility, prepare your application, apply online, accept your offer and get ready for study and life in Melbourne. 

Academic Calendar

Semester 1: February to June

Semester 2: July to November

For more information, visit their Important dates page.


While at the University of Melbourne you can explore new areas of learning, such as Australian-based subjects, disciplines unavailable in your own home institution, or simply an elective that you have always wanted to study!

Once you know what study area you're interested in, select your subjects.

Check your eligibility: this includes meeting minimum academic entry requirements, subject prerequisites and English language requirements. There are also faculty-specific requirements and restrictions you need to be aware of before applying.


Students need to take 4 modules per semester totalling 50 credits per semester.

Find out more about credit transfer and grade conversions.


There is a range of student accommodation available to you. Choices include University-owned and partnered accommodation, known as University Accommodation, and traditional residential colleges.

Our Student Housing service can provide information and support to assist you with finding alternate housing options, such as private rentals. They can provide advice on your rights and responsibilities as a tenant, refer you to financial support if needed and provide transportation information.

Cost of Living

Return flight from the UK (av. 24 hours): £700-£1200

Accommodation: AUD$4,200-$16,800 per semester

Food and eating out: $140 to $280 per week

Public transport: $30 to $60 per week 

Find out more about your the cost of living in Melbourne.

Support Services

For information on accessibility, please visit the Student Equity and Disability Support page.

Campus Life

Check the University of Melbourne Student Union (UMSU) website for events and activities.

Social Media

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