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University of Malaya

As an exchange student, there are a few things you need to know about going to the University of Malaya. Learn more about the location, the courses and student life! 

Visit their website for more information about studying abroad at theUniversity of Malaya!


The University of Malaya is the oldest and highest-ranking Malaysian institution of higher education and among the top 3 universities in Southeast Asia.

The University of Malaya is ranked 13 in Asia. 


The University of Malaya is centrally located in the Kuala Lumpur metropolitan city, a safe and well-connected township where you’ll have everything you need within reach using the elevated pedestrian walkway or public transportation.

Malaysia is located at the crossroads of Southeast Asia. As a result, the country’s mix of Malays, Chinese, Indians and Indigenous people has produced a society that is rich in traditional and modern influences, reflected in its many languages, religions and food options. You will find no shortage of tempting gastronomical choices and colourful festivals to experience.

Level of competitiveness

Less competitive *

The level of competitiveness (Less competitive * / Competitive ** / Very competitive ***) refers to one's chances of being allocated an exchange space at this partner. This is an approximation determined by the number of applications received for this destination during the last academic year versus the total number of exchange spaces available to Queen Mary students. 

Important: Please also note that University of Malaya's Faculty of Business and Accountancy is competitive and places are limited, therefore students whose applications are successful and allocated an exchange space here by Qyeen Mary may not be able to access modules within this faculty.

Application process for successful students

Nominated students can find out more about how to apply

Academic Calendar

  • Semester 1: October to February
  • Semester 2: March to July

For more information, visit the University of Malaya’s academic calendar.


Go to the course catalogue to access the list of available modules offered to mobility students.

Students can study courses from a maximum of 3 different faculties which covers Sciences, Arts & Social Science, Business, Language, Engineering, Computer Science, etc.

Module Restrictions: Kindly note that there are restrictions applicable to modules taught in Faculty of Dentistry, Medicine and Pharmacy. Those modules are not available for mobility program.


Students must take 4 courses per semester totalling 12-16 credits.

Find out more about credit transfer and grade conversions.


Information on housing can be found on their Accommodation page.

Cost of Living

Malaysia is an exciting and affordable place to live. On a reasonable budget, you can cover your living and entertainment costs and have money spare to travel. RM (ringgit Malaysia) is the Malaysian currency. 1 MR is around 0,18 Pound sterling. 

  • On-campus accommodation (not including food) 2100 MR per semester
  • Off-campus private accommodation 1500-3000 MR per month
  • Books, local transport and miscellaneous 800-2000 MR per month

Support Services

For information on accessibility, please visit the Disability Management Services page. 

Campus Life

UM is home to vibrant, colourful, vivid and exciting student activities whether organised by the International Student Centre, students themselves or by external parties with the objective of further adding values and experience in students’ life on campus. The list of activities includes community engagement programmes, non-academic cultural exposure programmes, student society activities, etc.

Social Media

University of Malaya: 


Long Term Mobility Brochure

Inbound Mobility Application Guide

University of Malaya Fact Sheet