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International students

Information for applicants from China

Queen Mary University of London has a long history of welcoming students from around the world. Over the years, many thousands of international students have graduated from the university and gone on to pursue successful careers. Today, we are home to students from more than 162 different countries and over 45% of our student body come from outside of the UK. This diversity contributes to a lively and welcoming community which should make you feel comfortable and at home.

We are one of the largest colleges of the University of London and one of the few with fully integrated teaching, research and residential facilities. Our setting provides our students with the benefits of both a large campus environment, and the countless academic and social opportunities provided by London.

There are currently more than 1100 students from China studying at Queen Mary who are enrolled on a range of degree programmes at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.


Entry requirements

Foundation Programmes

Applicants who have successfully completed Senior High School in China must complete a one year Foundation programme before progressing to an undergraduate degree.

Queen Mary offers one year foundation programmes for entry into Humanities, Social Sciences or Science and Engineering  and Medicine undergraduate programmes. For further information, please refer to the foundation study section of our website.

For students looking to apply to the International Science and Engineering Foundation Programme (ISEFP) or the International Foundation Programme (IFP), Queen Mary requires 75% in the High School Diploma. 


Students who have completed Senior High School education in China will be required to successfully complete  foundation programme studies with suitable grades before applying for undergraduate study at Queen Mary University of London. Please contact the Global Engagement Office if you have any questions. 

We also accept students from China with the following qualifications:

  • Three A-levels
  • International Baccalaureate (IB)

Students whose grades do not meet our minimum requirements may, in some cases, be considered for entry onto our foundation programmes.

For more detailed information on Medicine and Dentistry requirements and how to apply please refer to the School of Medicine and Dentistry section of our website.


Queen Mary will now consider applicants studying the Gaokao for a selection of our programmes. 

Exceptional students will have the opportunity to be considered for a selection of programmes within the School of Physics and Chemical Sciences (All programmes except for Pharmaceutical Chemistry), School of Mathematical Sciences (All programmes), School of Engineering and Material Science (Material Science Programmes only), and the School of Economics and Finance.

  • An average score of at least 80% overall in the Gaokao(普通高等学校招生全国统一考试 (高考) (National College Entrance Examination) including 80% in required subjects including Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry or Biology.
  • An average score of 85% overall in the Senior Secondary Graduation Certificate (高中毕业证书) granted. You must also meet the specific subject requirements for your chosen course and achieved 80% in Mathematics/Physics/Chemistry/Biology in year 11 and 12.
  • An average score of at least 78% overall in the Gaokao(普通高等学校招生全国统一考试 (高考) (National College Entrance Examination) including 80% in required subjects including Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry or Biology.
  • An average score of 85% overall in the Senior Secondary Graduation Certificate (高中毕业证书) granted. You must also meet the specific subject requirements for your chosen course and achieved 80% in Mathematics/Physics/Chemistry/Biology in year 11 and 12.
  • An average score of at least 75% overall in the Gaokao(普通高等学校招生全国统一考试 (高考) (National College Entrance Examination) including 80% in required subjects including Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry or Biology.
  • An average score of 85% overall in the Senior Secondary Graduation Certificate (高中毕业证书) granted. You must also meet the specific subject requirements for your chosen course and achieved 80% in Mathematics/Physics/Chemistry/Biology in year 11 and 12.

Applicants must also meet the English Language Requirements relevant to the programme applied for.  

Please see the individual course page for subject specific requirements. If you have any questions about the acceptance of the Gaokao, please contact the admissions team on


Information on the comparability of international qualifications can be found on the Entry Requirements section under the listings for each programme in the course finder. Please note this information is only intended as a guide as the final decision on equivalency of overseas qualifications will be made by the Admissions Office at Queen Mary.

English language requirements

For further information on how to apply, please refer to:

Student profiles and Alumni ambassadors

Alumni ambassador

Huangbenmiao Zhang

Huangbenmiao Zhang

Email Nile

Coming to Queen Mary University of London for my one-year Masters was a truly remarkable experience for me.  I longed to come and study in the UK ever since I was an undergraduate student, not only to broaden my horizons, but also to enhance my career prospects.  I have chosen Queen Mary among many prestigious universities in the UK for her distinguished academic reputation, rich teaching resources and favourable location.

Queen Mary has provided me with convenient access to prospective employers.  Our Mile End main campus is located between Canary Wharf and the City of London, the business and financial centres of London. The university has partnered with local corporations and financial institutions, which gave me ample opportunities to establish links with them.  Through QMUL online platform (QMPlus), I gained the opportunity to participate in an open day event with Thomson Reuters, which helped me immensely in job hunting.  Networking with their employees gave me a thorough understanding of their business operations as well as providing tips and suggestions for applying to their company.   I also joined the mock interviews held by Credit Suisse who was also a partner of QMUL.  Not only did I have the opportunity to converse with their senior manager directly, I also received professional guidance and interview feedback from their Human Resources team.  These practical experiences were extremely helpful for me as I seek a career in a multinational corporation.  

In terms of professional training, QMUL focuses not only on the academic study, but also provides a variety of after-class resources in order to maximise our practical skills.  For example, School of Economics and Finance has two  student-based groups (qNomics and QUMMIF), enabling us to accumulate practical professional experience on campus.  The former provides professional business consulting and advisory services, while the latter is an investment fund managed by students.  Besides these executive skill practices, Queen Mary-based University of London career service also assists me with job hunting.  It offers a wide range of free services including one-to-one career consulting, CV tailoring, cover letter polishing, online test discussion and so on.  Queen Mary is the only campus university in central London, with teaching facilities and residence halls all within the same site, saving us time and money since there is no need to commute.  

During this year, Queen Mary provided me with invaluable resources and experience which I believe have changed my life.  If you too have a dream of studying in the magical city of London then Queen Mary will surely be an irresistible choice for you.

Nan Jiang

Nan Jiang

Email Nan

WeChat nat819

It was a pleasure answering student questions and sharing my study experience from Queen Mary University of London at QMUL Pre-departure Briefings in Shanghai over the past few years. I completed MSc in Banking and Finance at QMUL in 2011. and previously, I studied English language and completed a Bachelor degree in the UK for 4 years.
In 2010 I re-entered Terminal 3 at London Heathrow Airport, feeling lonely. This is where I met friendly QMUL airport collection team. Soon everything went smoothly. Back then, I realised that it would be very helpful to talk with future students who have not studied abroad, to reassure them and give them confidence before leaving their hometown.

The year spent at Queen Mary was very pleasant. I enjoyed discovering London and having a social life on campus. The School office always reminded me that the deadlines were coming one after another, so I never worried about missing a goal. Learning new things in superb learning facilities encouraged me to study further and to understand latest theories and stories.
The things that I learnt in Queen Mary may not be applied in practice fully, but the most important thing is that I have a general idea about what the financial industry is and how it works. I learnt how to handle things professionally and to take responsibility. Diverse classmates brought bright ideas and thoughts which I would not normally see in my home country. Feel free to contact me for any practical advice. I would be happy to share my study experience with other students from China.

Simon Gao

Simon Gao

Email Simon

I obtained my master’s degree in Management of Intellectual Property from Queen Mary’s Centre for Commercial Law Studies (CCLS). This internationally renowned programme has not only equipped us with advanced knowledge of the IP law and its practice, but also, has helped us build up and sustain professional connections all around the world. For instance, the programme provided us with group working environments where we drafted IP due diligence reports of real companies to present to a panel of mock investors. Importantly, all groups were provided with successful IP practitioners to act as mentors throughout the process. The school also invited practitioners from a variety of backgrounds to be our guest lecturers. Last but not least, the additional postgraduate certificate in IP law provided us with a professional qualification that brought us extra competitiveness in the job market. Thanks to the knowledge and experience I obtained at Queen Mary, I was hired by a top British law firm’s Beijing office where I practised the IP law in a dynamic environment.

I very much appreciate that Queen Mary values its relationship with its students by providing them with various kinds of services on a regular basis, ranging from airport pick-ups upon arrival in the country to career sessions aimed to enhance your employability after graduation. Students are clearly cared for and supported at Queen Mary. Our relationship with Queen Mary has continued even after we have graduated and come back to our home country – the university and its schools organise alumni events in China every year in order to strengthen the bond with its alumni and the alumni network. As a former graduate of Queen Mary, I am more than happy to answer any questions from any current and prospective students of the university.

Zelun Zhang
China, PhD in Electronic Engineering and Computer Science

"It was in September 2009 when I first time arrive in London. My first impression for UK is colourfulness. The sky is blue, the clouds are whites, the buildings and roads are brightly painted, and the cars are colourful. Another impression is the roads are like pocket sized comparing with china. These pocket sized and complex interlocked roads gives people a feeling of conversant.

For my first impressions of the QM college are: nice-being classmates (help us finding accommodation), tidy and neat room. Especially for a welcome box on my desk, it was so considerate that little welcome cards, some food and drinks were included. Even a shampoo and toothpaste were included, which makes me feel like being home.

The social life in QM is like a hot and dense stove. We have lots of events and activities every day or even at weekends, this makes me feel like dense. Students from all over the world communicate and get to know each other frequently. Students were so passionate that just like the feeling of hot. Students with different race, different colour of skin, different background and different culture have parties and activities together within the campus. So QM just like a kind stove having us."

Scholarships and Funding

Queen Mary offers a wide range of scholarship schemes to international students at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

China students maybe eligible for the following scholarship:

Please refer to our scholarships and funding pages for more information or download the flyer:

CSC Brochure 2021 [PDF 21,941KB]

In country representatives

Educational representatives in China provide support to the ever increasing number of applicants to Queen Mary University of London. Our representatives have been very active in guiding and advising applicants in various capacities as well as maintaining the high standard of the entry requirements. Via our in country representatives prospective students can receive detailed information in person regarding our degree programmes, entry requirements and support for your Student Visa applications.

Our country representatives are listed below. Please visit their websites for more details.

Agency nameWebsite

Amber Education


Beijing New Oriental Vision Overseas Consulting Co., Ltd 


Education International Cooperation (EIC) Group Limited


Golden Arrow


HOPE International Education


IDP Education Ltd

iHorizon Group(aka 51offer)

Index Education Services Ltd


JJL Overseas Education 


Liucheng International Group Ltd




Power Academy Co., Ltd


Shinyway Education


United Kingdom Education Centre (UKEC)

Welink Education



Visits to your country

The International Office team regularly travel overseas to meet with students interested in studying with us and to answer any questions about your application. We are always pleased to meet prospective students and we very much hope you will be able to join us at one of these events. Please check the details of our forthcoming visits to China here.

Country manager


Please contact for further information and we will get back to you as early as we can.

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