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Digital Lives (Humanising the Digital)

This research programme brings together inter/multi/transdisciplinary researchers and practitioners animated by the relationships between people, data and digital technologies. Recognising that the digital is produced through the social, potential themes include digital bodies, digital aesthetics, digital finance, data lives and digital afterlives.

This research programme is headed by Dr Philippa Williams.

Reading Collective

For those interested in Digital Lives, please see the google document, and propose a session in 2023. Please also share comments/edits around defining the focus and format for the collective.

Past Events

The programme was launched with a one-day Symposium on Friday, 20 January 2023. It was an opportunity to meet colleagues from across Queen Mary, share your research on ‘Digital Lives’ through short presentations and establish some common objectives/dreams for the Digital Lives programme. Professor David Leslie, Dr Panos Panagiotopoulos, Professor Martin Welton, Dr Josie Hamper, Dr Agnieszka Lyons, Professor Nelya Koteyko, Anna Rousková, Dr Michaela Macdonald, Dr Gaetano Dimita, Dr Kerry Holden, Assistant Professor Matt Harsh (Concordia University and Visiting Fellow at Queen Mary University of London), Professor Yasmin Ibrahim, Dr Philippa Williams, IHSS Fellows Dr Daragh Murray and Dr Cristina Moreno Almeida presented at the symposium.

Professor Greg Slaubaugh and Director of the Digital Environment Research Institute (DERI) chaired the session "AI, Ethics and Law".

Digital Lives Catch-up meeting with Lunch on 3 July 2023.  

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