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School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science

Joint Student Innovation Centre

Logo of Joint Student Innovation CentreJoint Student Innovation Centre (previously Joint Programme Innovation Centre, JPIC) was established in 2015 to organise extra-curricular activities for our QMUL-BUPT students in Beijing and showcase their excellent work. The centre also engages our students to workshops, competitions and projects from different companies worldwide.


The centre is managed by the following EECS academics:

JSIC Innovation Fellows

Each of our innovation fellows contributes to our outstanding activities/workshops for our students in both London and Beijing.

List of JSIC Innovation Fellows 2023/24

Dr Mona Jaber, Dr Farha Lakhani, Dr Michaela MacDonald, Dr Cindy Sun, Dr Yixuan Zou

List of JSIC Innovation Fellows 2022/23

Dr Mona Jaber, Dr Michaela MacDonald

Centre Committee 2021/22

Dr Mona Jaber, Dr Ethan Lau, Dr Yuanwei Liu, Dr Michaela MacDonald, Dr Zhijin Qin

Recent Activities

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