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School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science

Meet our PhD students

What it is like to do your PhD research at the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science? Read our PhD student stories to find out.

"Seeing how other people were interested in my work was very satisfying and showed me how my work affected people in a broader way."

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'There are hundreds of other students who are on the same journey as you, experiencing the same emotions as you are. It’s so helpful to talk to other PhD students - they can offer advice and support, and generally help you to feel less alone.'

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'As many others of my generation, I feel quite concerned about the ongoing climate crisis and feel a need to contribute in some storage devices, and batteries in particular, seemed particularly important to me.'

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'I think many people suffer from imposter syndrome at times, but really everyone has a unique perspective which is just as valuable as anyone else’s.'

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'Remember, challenges are part of the research process, so embrace them.'

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