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School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science

Why choose our School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science

As one of the UK's leading institutions for computer science and electronic engineering, we offer a comprehensive and supportive training environment.

We offer well-integrated doctoral study programmes in our various areas of specialisation, each of our research groups is involved in internationally leading research, funded by UK Research Councils, the European Union, and industry around the world.

You will work as part of a friendly and vibrant research community under the supervision of experts in the field. As a member of one of our research groups you will be accommodated in a research laboratory alongside other PhD students and full-time postdoctoral researchers. In many cases, you will be able to participate in the funded research projects of the group.

We provide a generous travel budget to enable research students to present papers at international conferences. Budgets for expenditure on experiments, equipment, and software are also available.

Reasons why our students have chosen to develop their research with us:

Research quality

- Internationally leading and world-class research

- Internationally leading research groups

- 94% of submitted research outputs rated 3 star (internationally excellent) and 4 star (world-leading) in the REF2014 results.

- A current research portfolio of £38 million

- Awarded three prestigious EPSRC platform grants (for groups with internationally leading reputations and high international profiles)


Interdisciplinary success

We work with:
- psychologists developing mathematical models of human vision and errors in software

- biologists decoding genome data and understanding cell deformation

- musicians and actors producing better music and performance

- medical researchers designing new monitoring techniques and decision-making strategies

- lawyers finding ways to simplify risk and probability to juries

Vibrant environment

- A community of more than 150 PhD students and 80 postdoctoral researchers.

- An open, encouraging and stimulating learning environment.

- Friendly and approachable staff.

- A student organised postgraduate conference.

- The most active IEEE student branch in London and one of the most dynamic in the UK.


Supervision: each student has a primary and a secondary supervisor who are members of academic staff. Supervisors meet with you regularly to guide and help you plan and manage your research.

Monitoring: your work will be regularly reviewed with annual checkpoints involving a supervisory panel of 3 members (usually academic staff, but can also involve industry researchers) to give feedback and high-level direction to your research.

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