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Wolfson Institute of Population Health

Tabassum Adelyar


Research Assistant



I am a research assistant based at the Unit for Psychological Medicine in the Centre for Psychiatry and Mental Health. I am a psychology graduate with an MSc in Clinical Mental Health Sciences at UCL, looking to further my career in academia. My primary focus lies in the intersection of social media behaviour and mental health research. Currently, my research endeavours encompass various projects centred around violence prevention. I am involved in the Violence Reduction Academy (VRA) project, which delves into interventions available to young individuals vulnerable to youth violence. Additionally, I am involved in the STRIVE project, examining the impact of intimate partner violence within South Asian communities, exploring its correlation with mental health and socio-cultural dynamics. Furthermore, I am working on the Institutional Racism Project, aimed at investigating the presence of institutional racism in inpatient care within acute mental health wards.



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