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Wolfson Institute of Population Health

Irene Gonzalez-Calvo


PhD student



PhD title: Youth Subclinical Hypomania: Risk Factors and Long-Term Outcomes 

I started my LISS-DTP (ESRC) funded PhD at the Unit for Psychological Medicine at the Centre for Psychiatry and Mental Health in October 2022. 

My PhD aims to identify the risk factors and long-term mental health and functional (e.g., education) outcomes of youth subclinical hypomania. My project uses data from the Twins Early Development Study (TEDS) to assess the degree of genetic and environmental influences in hypomania and bipolar disorder. Please read more about it here.

Supervisors: Dr Georgina Hosang (QMUL) and Prof Angelica Ronald (University of Surrey). 

In addition to my PhD, I currently work as a Graduate Teaching Associate at the School of Biological & Behavioural Sciences (QMUL). Before starting my PhD, I worked as an assistant psychologist and research assistant with adolescents with emotional disorders in transdiagnostic intervention programmes. I also have experience in neurocognitive rehabilitation and delivering substance misuse interventions in forensic contexts.  

I gained a BA (2:1) in Applied Psychology and Sociology at the University of Brighton (2017), an MSc (distinction) in Forensic Psychology at Royal Holloway (2018), and an MSc (distinction) in Psychopathology, Health and Clinical Interventions at UNED University (2022) 


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