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Wolfson Institute of Population Health

Elena Matei


Research Assistant



I am a research assistant based at the Unit for Psychological Medicine in the Centre for Psychiatry and Mental Health. I recently graduated from the University of Bristol with a first-class honours degree in BSc Psychology, and I am currently involved in the Violence Reduction Academy (VRA) project. My ongoing work focuses on conducting a systematic review, aimed at identifying and understanding primary public health approaches (PHA) targeting violence, including intentional violence, harm and weapon-related violence that affects young people in the UK.

Throughout my academic journey, I have benefited from exposure to diverse perspectives from experts across various psychological fields, including clinical, cognitive and developmental psychology. I have developed a robust foundation in research design, methodology, and data analysis. My involvement in various research projects at the University of Bristol has entailed tasks ranging from conducting focus groups and contributing to scoping reviews to supporting PhD students and playing a role in a Research England-funded bid focused on building research culture.

Beyond my research experience, I have been actively engaged as a university mentor, facilitating workshops to aid the transition of first-year undergraduates. I have also dedicated my time to volunteering in charity shops and gained valuable experience in customer service and retail. Moreover, I have a passion for cognitive and positive psychology, as one of my primary areas of research interest is well-being and mental health.


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