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Wolfson Institute of Population Health

Christine Carter

PhD student and Research Associate

Email: Christine Carter


I joined the Unit for Psychological Medicine at the Centre for Psychiatry and Mental Health in February 2023 as a Research Associate to work on the Equality of Opportunity for Timely Dementia Diagnosis (EQUATED) project. This is a qualitative study exploring how older people from minority ethnic groups in East London experience the early symptoms of dementia and seek help. 

I am a registered mental health nurse and worked with older people in community and liaison roles. Previously I worked as a senior lecturer at the Association for Dementia Studies, University of Worcester, and in nurse education at the University of West of England and at City University, London. I have a BSc in Health Studies, an MSc in Social Research and a Post Graduate Diploma in Adult Education.

I am currently completing an ESRC funded PhD at UCL in the Department of Psychiatry which is embedded within the APPLE-Tree study. I have explored how active ageing policy and practice reconfigure cognitive impairment, which is not dementia. I have undertaken an ethnographic study of this intervention and my research sits within a social science discipline, drawing upon medical sociology. I am interested in all types of qualitative research methods, and in particular different form of ethnography.

I have recently been successful in being awarded £20,000 from the NIHR Three Schools Dementia Programme for implementation work from the findings of the EQUATED project. This will involve a co-production workshop to produce a short film resource for health care professionals.



Christine Carter, Dr Moïse Roche, Dr Elenyd Whitfield, Ms Jessica Budgett; Dr Sarah Morgan-Trimmer; Ms Sedigheh Zabihi; Prof Yvonne Birks, Prof Fiona Walter, Dr Mark Wilberforce, Dr Jessica Jiang, Ms Refah Z Ahmed, Mr Wesley Dowridge, Prof Charles R Marshall; Prof Claudia Cooper (2024) EQUality OF OPPORTUNITY FOR TIMELY DEMENTIA DIAGNOSIS (EQUATED): A QUALITATIVE STUDY OF HOW PEOPLE FROM MINORITIZED ETHNIC GROUPS EXPERIENCE THE EARLY SYMPTOMS OF DEMENTIA AND SEEK HELP. Pre-print submitted 13/02/24 (Under review in Age and Ageing )

Sedigheh Zabihi, Rosario Isabel Espinoza Jeraldo, Rifah Anjum, Christine Carter, Moïse Roche, Jonathan P Bestwick, Sarah Morgan-Trimmer, Yvonne Birks, Mark Wilberforce, Fiona Walter, Claudia Cooper, Charles R Marshall (2024) Pre-diagnostic Manifestations of Alzheimer’s Disease: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Longitudinal Studies (Under review in Alzhimer’s and Dementia) Pre-print 

Carter,C. James,T. Higgs,P. Cooper,C. Rapaport,P (2022) Understanding the subjective experiences of memory concern and MCI diagnosis: a scoping review. Dementia.

Cooper,C. Mansour,H. Rapaport,P. Palomo,M. Morgan Trimmer,S. Carter, C.Roche, M.Burton, A.Cooper,C. Higgs,P. Walker,Z. Aguirre,E. Bass,N. Huntley,J.(2021) Social connectedness and dementia prevention; Pilot of the APPLE-Tree video- call intervention during the covid-10 pandemic. Dementia.

Poppe,M,. Hassan,M. Rapaport,P. Palomo,M. Morgan-Trimmer,S. Carter,C. Roche,M. Burton,A. Cooper,C. Higgs,P. Walker,Z. Aguirre,E. Bass,N. Huntley,J. (2020) Falling through the cracks”; Stakeholders’ views around the concept and diagnosis of mild cognitive impairment and their understanding of dementia prevention", International Journal of Psychiatry.

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