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Wolfson Institute of Population Health

Weight Action Plan

The Weight Action Plan is a free course run by specialists from the Health and Lifestyle Research Unit within Queen Mary University of London (QMUL).

The course uses up-to-date evidence-based methods of weight management combined with group support and weekly tasks. The various tasks and the programme itself have been tested in several studies and a large randomised trial (1-5). The programme helps over 40% of participants to lose at least 5% of their body weight at one year.

If you are thinking of joining the course, here is some information to help you to decide whether this is for you.

There are several good ways of managing one’s weight. Not all of them will work for everybody, but here is a way to try several of them to see which one works for you.

  • Over the first 8 weeks of the course, you will be given a series of tasks
  • You have to be able to commit to practice each task for at least the following week; and to record that you did so.
  • If the task worked, you can continue to use it; if it did not work or was too difficult, you can stop it
  • You then have a good chance of finding at least some methods that you can adopt long-term – and continue to practice them with guidance for the last 4 weeks of the 12-week course
  • There is however, the tough part mentioned earlier – you will have to stick to each of the tasks for at least one week
  • In addition, throughout the course, there will be a gradually increasing exercise target, based on your needs and ability
  • You will work on the tasks with ‘buddies’ and report to the group on what worked well and what didn’t.

The course is open to anyone who lives and/or works in Tower Hamlets aged over 18 with a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or above (or over 27.5 for people of South-Asian heritage). To check your BMI, enter your height and weight here - BMI calculator.

We currently offer Zoom and face-to-face clinics at various locations around Tower Hamlets. The course is 12-weeks long and each session lasts up to 1 hour.

Please note, that you choose the Zoom option you will be required to keep your camera on during the session.

To register for the course, please click on the link - 

If you have any questions, text 07860040277 or email


GDPR and Data Protection Act 2018 

The information we collect from you is to check that the course is suitable for you, to allow us to contact you about the course, and if you join, to monitor your progress and evaluate the program. Program evaluations may be published but will be anonymous (i.e. they will not identify individual participants). Some items collected are required by the Department of Health and the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, and will be reported to them as anonymous statistics (i.e. without identifying individual participants)We will not share your personal data with other companies or businesses for marketing purposes. If you consent to it, we may use your details to let you know about future weight programs or research in weight management that we run. 

The information we collect will include your:  

  • Name
  • Contact details
  • Date of birth
  • Demographic details
  • Registered GP
  • Relevant medical history
  • WAP course progress (e.g. weight, treatment ratings)

We use a third party (SurveyMonkey) to collect this information. Once obtained, the information is deleted from SurveyMonkey and stored securely on EMIS. You can find their privacy policies here: SurveyMonkey Privacy Policy and here EMIS Privacy Policy Some data may also be collected via a text messaging service (PageOne), their privacy policy can be found here: PageOne Privacy Policy

The records will be kept for 5 years and then will be erased.  If you wish for your data to be destroyed sooner, or if you want to change your contact preferences, please email us at

The WAP course is run by Queen Mary University of London, and you can find further information about the privacy policy here: QMUL Privacy Policy



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