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Top tips for your Open Day

Student ambassadors speaking with prospective students

Our Undergraduate Open Days provide a fantastic opportunity for you to get to know Queen Mary.

But it’s up to you to make the most out of your experience (whether on campus or online) so that you can get a real flavour for student and academic life here. Here are some top Open Day tips from our students and staff:

1) Prepare some questions in advance

To ensure you get all the information you need, think about questions to ask ahead of time. Some examples that might help you consider your own questions are:

  • How much of my timetable will be split between contact time in lectures and seminars and private study?
  • How much private study is required from students on the programme?
  • What stand out aspects are you looking for an applicant to cover in their personal statement?
  • What are some of the main career options for my chosen subject?
  • How does the course help students integrate and socialise with each other?
  • Does the course have visiting guest lecturers and industry experts?


Ezra Nash, Student Recruitment and Widening Participation Senior Officer

2) Engage with us

When you attend the Open Day, don’t be afraid to ask your questions as we are here to help!

Student ambassadors will be there to answer your queries about the student experience and even give Freshers’ Week tips. And if you have a specific question we are not sure about, we can signpost you to the correct person or department.

Try to speak to academics as well – after all some of them might end up being your lecturers and you want to build relationships with them early on.

Georgi, Business Management student

3) Discover student life

While programme content is a top priority, student life is also an important consideration when choosing where to study.

Think about the surrounding environment and community, the extracurricular activities on offer and the general environment.

If you’re going to be living away from home, talking to students about how they found their transition from home might be useful. Queen Mary offers 24-hour security on campus in Mile End, which my parents and I found reassuring. 

Shreya, Medical Genetics student

4) Visit the local area

Even if it’s just a walk around the block, a visit to the local area will give you a sense of the amenities on offer as well as the community feel.

If you’re joining an online event and can’t visit us another time, you can always do some online research. Our guide to the local area is a great place to start!

Jake Duffin, Head of International and EU recruitment

5) Go with your heart

Once you’ve attended your Open Day and have had the chance to digest all the information, you should be a step closer to making a decision on where to study.

While it’s important to consider all the facts, you should never ignore your gut feeling.

When I felt what Queen Mary was like at an Open Day, I decided to go with my heart. It was absolutely the right choice. At the Open Event, I loved how upbeat and friendly all the professors were - no one was intimidating, and that was so important.

Queen Mary ticked many boxes: approachable advisors, a great balance with course structures and there's always something new happening on campus. 

Wafa, Physics student


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