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Clinical Placements

Clinical Placements

Clinical placements are an essential part of your development as a medical student and you will have have patient contact in every year. You will learn theory and skills through your training and be able to apply those in your clinical placements. 

Clinical placements for MBBS students at Queen Mary start in September of year 1 with a group placement in a primary care setting. Students in groups of 8 work with a GP tutor on a fortnightly basis through the year.  You will be introduced to the practice team, the practice area and most importantly the patients.  You will learn about the impact of ill health on the patient, their family and their community. 

In year 2 you will take part in innovative online teaching on management of mental illness with the psychiatrists from our partner mental health trusts – ELFT and NELFT.  You will also have teaching on primary care with GP tutors. 

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