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Extended Project Qualification

Queen Mary University of London welcomes students taking the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ).   The EPQ is an excellent opportunity for students to undertake a self-directed and self-motivated project which allows students to explore a topic of interest in depth through independent research.

We recognise the EPQ as a qualification that provides students with a strong foundation in their transition to university study.  This qualification enables students to use their problem-solving and decision making skills; demonstrate initiative and enterprise; evaluate and reflect on their project; develop time management and presentation skills; and show their analytical and critical thinking. 

Our policy on offer making including EPQs is detailed below.  Please note this policy does not apply to clinical programmes in Medicine or Dentistry, including Oral Health.


Dual EPQ Offers

A dual offer includes both our normal three A-Level grade offer and an alternative offer including the EPQ.  For example, if a course requires ABB from three A-Levels, we may provide the following offer to applicants taking an EPQ:

GCE Advanced A-Levels Grades ABB

Alternative conditions

GCE Advanced A-Levels Grades BBB and A in Extended Project


To be considered for a dual offer, you must be taking an EPQ alongside three A-Levels:

  • You should be predicted grade A in your EPQ
  • You will only receive an offer if your A-Level predicted grades meet our minimum thresholds and are in relevant subjects
  • Taking an EPQ will not compensate for any shortfall against our minimum A-Level requirements
  • You will normally receive a dual offer if you are taking the EPQ at the same time as your A-Levels
  • If you already completed your EPQ when you apply, we will consider this favourably and it may have a positive influence on whether you receive an offer at the discretion of the School of study.  If successful, we may make you a lower A-Level offer based on your achieved grade in your EPQ.  This will be at the discretion of the academic School
  • Dual EPQ offers can only be issued to home fee-paying students.

Your qualifications and predicted grades will be assessed once we have received your application.


Talking about your project

In order for us to assess your application for a dual EPQ offer:

  1. Make sure you list your EPQ as one of your qualifications which will ensure your referee provides a predicted grade and we can see the title of the project you have chosen
  2. Tell us about your project in more depth within your personal statement

The EPQ is a great way for you to demonstrate your academic ability and potential within your UCAS application.  It’s also an opportunity for you to express your passion for a topic that you are interested in or highlight the skills you are developing which will aid your university studies or future career.  Talk about your project enthusiastically to make your personal statement stand out.

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