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School of Languages, Linguistics and Film

Film Studies Taster Session


About this event: If you are interested in studying film at degree level, come along to this event to learn more about the programme at Queen Mary. The department specialises in an approach that combines theory and practice, teaches the history and cultural diversity of cinema, and values film as a way of exploring the many ethical questions of our age. This taster session is suitable for anyone interested in film as an academic subject: no prior knowledge of the subject is necessary. Professor Janet Harbord will outline the approach to film at degree level and the specifics of studying film at Queen Mary. This taster will sample an introductory session to one of our new current courses. The talk will explore the role of cinema in shaping ideas about disability, and examine how cinema allows us to understand changing ideas of disability over a number of decades.  

Speakers: Professor Janet Harbord

Date: Wednesday 15th November - 5-6pm GMT

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