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School of Languages, Linguistics and Film

Film Philosophy

Film Philosophy cluster boasts research not only within two main schools of Western philosophy (continental and analytic) but in Eastern thought as well. Members of the cluster have strengths in ethics, ideology, Marxist and post-Marxist critical thought, phenomenology, film archaeology, non-human and environmental humanities, vegan cinema and permacinema, end of life, finance, icon/icity, religion and film, philosophical exegesis, neurodiversity, gesture, cognitivism, fiction, Daoism, and works of specific philosophers including Agamben, Carroll, Benjamin, and Murdoch. The members include Lucy Bolton, Ashvin Devasundaram, Steven Eastwood, Grazia Ingravalle, Alasdair King, Sasha Litvintseva, Janet Harbord, Anat Pick, Libby Saxton, Mario Slugan, Guy Westwell, and Kiki Tianqi Yu.

The most recent work in this cluster includes:

King, Alasdair, The Financial Image: Finance, Philosophy, and Contemporary Film, Palgrave, 2023 [forthcoming].

Yu, Kiki Tianqi, “Cinematic ideorealm and cinema as Dao: Daoism as a method to approach film aesthetics”, Screen 64.4 (2023) [forthcoming].

Bolton, Lucy, David Martin-Jones, and Robert Sinnerbrink, eds. Contemporary Screen Ethics: Absences, Identities, Belonging, Looking Anew, Edinburgh University Press, 2023.

Litvintseva, Sasha, Geological Filmmaking, Open Humanities Press, 2022.

Eastwood, Steven and Janet Harbord. Autism through Cinema (Wellcome Trust funded project, 2018-2022.)

Devasundaram, Ashvin, “Tracing Bergman in contemporary Indian cinema: Philosophical cross-connections in Through a Glass Darkly, Ship of Theseus and Dear Molly”, Popular Communication 19.2 (2021): 96-111.

Saxton, Libby, No Power Without an Image: Icons Between Photography and Film, Edinburgh University Press, 2020.

Slugan, Mario, Fiction and Imagination in Early Cinema: A Philosophical Approach to Film History, Bloomsbury, 2019.

Ingravalle, Grazia, “Allegories of the past: Nitrate film’s aura in postindustrial Rochester, NY”, Screen 60.3 (2019): 371-387.

Pick, Anat, “Vegan cinema”, In Emelia Quinn & Benjamin Westwood (eds.), Thinking Veganism in Literature and Culture: Towards a Vegan Theory, 125-146, Springer, 2018. 

Harbord, Janet, Ex-Centric Cinema: Giorgio Agamben and Film Archaeology, Bloomsbury, 2016.

Westwell, Guy, Parallel Lines: Post-9/11 American Cinema, Columbia University Press, 2014.

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